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Our Leadership Team

God’s Word establishes the officers that humbly serve the body with love, patience, and faithfulness. Christ is the Supreme Head of every church, and assisting and defending her from all assaults, errors, troubles, and persecutions. Everything that is spoken or done by a pastor or teacher must be judged solely in the light of the words of Christ the Lord. The Bible lays out two defined roles that should lead and serve the church directly. These church appointed offices are deaconship and eldership. Each are indispensable to the health of the church.


Matt Castro - Pastor of Teaching and vision

Matt is married to Lisa and together they have two children – a daughter named Maggie and a son named Lincoln. The Castros moved from Louisville, KY to Evansville, IN in 2012 after Matt graduated from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div). His love for college students led him to be the Baptist Campus Minister through the local association. To this day, he is actively involved on the campus of University of Southern Indiana and desires to see the lives of college students changed through the grace of Jesus. Matt and his family live on the West Side near USI. 

Matt is also currently working on his Doctorate of Missiology through Southern Seminary. In his free time, you can find him reading Wall Street Journal, drinking coffee, or partaking in all things related to Tennessee Football.

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Denton Ice - Pastor of Next Generation Ministry

Denton is married to Kayley. They just bought their first house on the West Side. Denton and Kayley graduated from USI. Denton is now taking M.Div classes at Southern Seminary. He works as a patient care tech at St. Vincent Hospital. Kayley is a science teacher at Central High School. Both love the outdoors especially hiking and playing disc golf. They both enjoy spending time with their families in Evansville and Lynnville.  Denton and Kayley have one dog named Maggie. 

Both experienced exponential spiritual growth while attending college. They both have a love for ministry to college students. 

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Sean Melvin - Elder

Sean is married to Cristina. They have four kids named Connor, Elena, Zeke, and Virginia. Sean works at MetroNet. He graduated from Mid-Continent University, and earned a degree in Biblical Studies and Theology. He is working on his M.BA at USI right now. Cristina homeschools their children, while attending college to earn her degree in Psychology.  

Sean loves the St. Louis Cardinals. He also enjoys discussing politics, sports, movies, and theology. He is a great cook. His family loves preparing meals and hosting people in their home. 

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Robert Hudson - Worship Leader

Robert is married to Latosha. They have one son named Robert Hudson III, who was born in February. Robert just started attending Reformed Baptist Seminary. He was born in Pleasant View, TN. He works at Toyota in Princeton, IN. 

Robert loves music. Ghost Ship is one of his favorite bands. He also enjoys disc golf and playing board games with his wife. He is a fan of silly comedy movies like Hot Rod and does a great personation of Jim Carrey's The Cable Guy

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Women's Ministry Director