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11:15am Worship at 7501 Hogue Rd.


USI Campus Ministry


Tuesday Evenings @ 7:00 PM
Panera Bread


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Light Collective is a college ministry that started at the University of Southern Indiana. We value the gospel, gathering together, and going to the world to communicate the message of Jesus Christ. 

We exist to bring the local church to the campus, and the campus to the local church. We believe spiritual maturity happens in the church. However, we also believe the church must engage the campus with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

We desire to accomplish a culture shift at USI to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our weekly meetings are Tuesday nights at 7:00pm in the UC Room 2205 and Thursday afternoons at 1:30pm in the UC Room 2213 during the Fall and Spring Semester.

We are meeting during the summer at Panera Bread on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm.


A new semester of ministry at USI is upon us. As we enter a new year, Light Collective is tasked with the responsibility to reach students with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The values of an organization communicates its identity. Everything that Light Collective does must reflect their values. We value the gospel, which gives us the reason to gather and go. We gather to encourage each other through the gospel and challenge each other to go to the lost with the gospel. We go to gather others around the gospel.


The mission of an organization is the unique reason it exists. Light Collective has a unique mission to fulfill.

We exist to bring the local church to the campus and the campus to the local church.


A vision for an organization is the destination for its goals and strategies. Light Collective has a long-term vision that it desires God to accomplish through it.

Our vision is to lead a cultural shift at USI to Authentic Christian Faith.