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10 Days Away

Photo by Byelikova_Oksana/iStock / Getty Images

The Nepal Vision Team is leaving for Kathmandu in 10 days. The team includes Matt Castro (me), Lisa Castro, Denton Ice, Kayley Ice, and Robert Hudson. We are establishing a prayer blog, so that you can be informed about the events of the trip and be in prayer for us. We hope to share photos as well on the blog, so you can also see what God is doing among the Nepali people. 

I want to ask you to pray for our team. Some of the members on our team have never been out of the country. There is a normal fear associated with traveling to a new place for the first time. Pray that God would replace fear with hope and confidence in God's plan for our trip. We desire to see people come to faith in Christ. We also desire to see believers strengthen and encouraged by our trip. 


Matt Castro