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First Day in Nepal

Rice Fields outside Kathmandu, Nepal

Rice Fields outside Kathmandu, Nepal

By Matthew castro

We have all arrived safely in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our journey took us from Nashville to Fort Lauderdale to Dubai to Kathmandu. We left Nashville on Sunday afternoon and arrived in Nepal on Tuesday afternoon. We all were blessed with a wonderful night sleep at the Global Mission Nepal's Guest House, which is our home for our nine days in Nepal.

Wednesday was our first day to travel around the city. Our guide, Samson and Rejendra, took us to different church plants to meet new church planters, who had just completed their training. Many of the churches were only a few months old. We asked questioned, heard their stories, and prayed with them and a few members of their church. 

As we traveled to each church, we met some of the beautiful Nepali people and observed the gorgeous countryside. The cities are dirty with many motor bikes. We also saw several examples of the stranglehold that Hinduism and idol worship has on the people. Christians are not allowed to share their faith openly in Nepal, which causes them to be fearful about sharing their faith publicly.

We are going to a few temples tomorrow. We are hoping to have the opportunity to discuss the topic of religion with the priests and temple worshippers. Pray that God would provide divine appointments with the Nepali people tomorrow.  We want to help our brothers and sisters in Nepal proclaim our Savior's name to the lost.

One of the cool practices that we have been exposed to in Nepal is the greeting that Christians give to one another. They greet each other with the word "Jaymashi." We were eating breakfast in a coffeeshop and a Nepali overheard our conversation about Christianity. He looked at us and said "Jaymashi," which we reciprocated back to him. This greeting happened repeatedly throughout our first day. We were all encouraged by the vocal confirmation of our unity in Christ. 

Please continue to pray for our trip that God would use it for his glory. There are many pictures being posted on Kayley Ice and Lisa Castro's Facebook page. We will try to get some pictures posted on the blog for you see there as well. God bless and see you soon. 

Matt Castro