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Mt. Everest

Mount Everest 

Mount Everest 

By Matthew Castro

On Monday, we planned an one hour plane tour of the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal. If you were not unaware, Mt. Everest is located in Nepal, so we were looking forward to taking a picture of Mt. Everest, which is the tallest mountain in the world at over 29,000 feet. However, the cloudy conditions of the morning prevented us from seeing Everest, and we were flown back to Kathmandu disappointed. 

The theme of the day continued as growing sickness and tiredness prevented us from doing anything significant. We ended the day frustrated. Our morale was low, and we desperately wanted God to use us in our last full day in Nepal. 

On Tuesday, we scheduled a visit to Kathmandu University. We went with the plan and hope to share the gospel with students. After walking around the university for a few minutes, we split up into a few groups. After 3 hours, we ended our time sharing the gospel with 33 students. Most of the students were Hindu. For many it was the first time they had heard the gospel. Pray for these students to seek God. Pray that God would reveal himself to them. Pray also that God will give them a Christian friend that they respect. 

Matt Castro