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Canceled Flight From Nashville

By matthew Castro

I am writing this from seat 20C on flight 308 to San Fransisco. Our initial plan was to reach Nepal by starting in Nashville and flying to Chicago, where would catch our flight to Tokyo then to Singapore. However, we learned on Monday that our flight from Nashville to Chicago was canceled. We were never told why.

Denton and the rest of the team headed to Chicago at 5am on Tuesday to catch our scheduled flight to Tokyo. While Lisa and I with our kids, took a flight to San Francisco that left later on Tuesday. Our hope is we will arrive in San Francisco on time, so that we can board our long 15 hour flight over the Pacific Ocean to Singapore. We are scheduled to arrive in SIngapore at 6am, which is 6 hours behind Denton and the rest of the team.

We always tell our teams to be as flexible as liquid when you come to Nepal. They learned that lesson early.

I love flying. I have gotten to know a family on the flight, who live in Berkeley, California. They were actually in Posey County, Indiana for a family reunion this past week. Their flight to Chicago from Evansvile was canceled also. So they rented a car and drove down to Nashville. I have enjoyed learning more about the Bay Area from the husband, who I have yet to ask for his name. We have discussed politics, societal issues in cities like San Francisco and Oakland, and sports (Go Warriors). You never know the reason for inconveniences like a canceled flight, but God has a purpose with it. I hope in the next hour I will have the chance to share the gospel with someone on my flight. Mission trips start when you leave your home not when you arrive at your destination.

Pray for our team as we travel to Nepal. We look forward to the opportunities God has prepared for us. Pray that we are bold to share the gospel when given the chance. Pray that we are encouraging to our Nepali brothers and sisters, and God uses us to encourage them.

Lisa, Maggie, and Lincoln are sleeping now. I am surrounded by sleeping people, who struggle to get comfortable in the upright seats. I am going to sign off to finish my book before we land. Look forward to writing again from Singapore.

Matt Castro