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The Best Airport in the World

By Matthew Castro

I am sitting next to Lisa awaiting our flight to Kaula Lumpur, which is the penultimate leg of our journey to Nepal. We all got to Singapore without any major delays. No bags were left behind. We all got hot showers at my parent’s apartment in Singapore. I thought for a few moments that Denton and his crew got lost in Singapore, but they showed up on time to head to the airport. I was prepared to give them a piece of my mind, but thankfully I didn’t have to shame them and then apologize soon afterward to them for shaming them. We mostly spent the first 30 minutes together as a team sharing what movies we watched on the flights to Singapore. There is not much else to do on 12 plus hour flights than watch 4 or 5 movies.

While sitting in the Singapore airport, I wanted to share my love for this place. The Singapore airport is the best airport in the world. It is beautiful, efficient, super clean, full of great food options, stores, and good internet. This is my third time at the airport, and it is a great place to be stuck at for a few hours. Lisa and I had some amazing Vietnamese food before heading to our gate. Denton and Cindy drank most of my Vietnamese Ice Coffee, which I am still disappointed about.

Few of our guys are throwing Denton’s weird fabric frisbee in the corner of our gate. Our flight was delayed, but we are hoping that we will board soon. We are scheduled to be in Kathmandu at 5pm. Most of us are sleep depraved at the moment due to spending the last 24 hours being chased by the sun on planes. But, we are in good spirits, and look forward to Nepali food and horizontal beds.

Check back tomorrow for more news from Nepal. .

Matt Castro