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Flying Through a Rain Storm

By Matthew Castro

I am sitting here in the guest house on Friday morning. Josh Strouth is sitting next to me reading his Bible as we start our first full day here in Nepal. Not sure what the day will bring, but I am looking forward to new stories to share. Denton is now talking to his family back home in America as we get ready for a new day you at home are preparing for sleep. We are 10 hours and 45 minutes ahead of you at home.

We arrived to Nepal last night flying through a rain storm over Kathmandu. The plane was tossed here and there quite violently. I believe Josh Strouth may have feared for his life (he denies it). Usually as you fly into a new city, you welcome the opportunity to view the city from the air. However, the city of Kathmandu was covered by rain clouds as the plane descended to land. While it may have seemed at times that we were never going to arrive, We have finally reached our destination. After traveling nearly 8,000 miles, taking four flights, and visiting five airports, we have made camp in our new home for 7 days.

The guest house hasn’t changed since last year. We all got good food from Ageno before getting needed sleep. Lisa and Cindy are preparing for their women’s conference for Friday. Christian women from across Nepal will come to learn about ministry and godly living. The men are preparing a day of preparing for preaching and teaching on Saturday and Sunday. We are also hoping to spend time with a local pastor, and pray for his ministry.

I hope to write in the morning and the evening each day. Please pray for opportunities today to share the gospel with the lost and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Matt Castro