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A Nepali Haircut

Nepali Barber

Nepali Barber

By Matthew Castro

I am sitting at 4:30am here in Nepal preparing for a day of preaching and celebrating God’s goodness. You may be asking why I am up so early. I unfortunately fell asleep at 6pm and slept till 2am. Jet lag hit the entire team yesterday. All of us skipped dinner to sleep. Denton is not feeling well. Pray that he feels better today. I am praying for a fruitful day of ministry, encouragement, and new adventures in Nepal.

While I am on the subject of new adventures, I experienced my own adventure yesterday. I asked our Nepali friend and fellow pastor Simson if I could get a haircut. He took me to a barber shop down the street from the guest house. It was very small with four chairs and a television playing a Bollywood movie. I was informed that I needed to chose a haircut. Like ordering from a Chinese or a fast food restaurant, I had 25 individual styles of cuts I could choose from that were identified with a photo and a number. You then tell the barber what number you wanted. I had a difficult time picking. So, I chose number 10 and hoped for the best.

My barber cut away with scissors to my hair at an extremely fast pace. I did think several times that I should be prepared for him to miss my hair and chop off a portion of my ear. Thankfully, my fears were never realized. However, another fear was realized. My hair was cut way too short on the sides and the top was kept way too long. I now look somewhat like Justin Bieber and a soccer star. But, my adventure did not end with the hair cut. My barber then gave me a head, shoulder, and back massage. I would label the massage more like a legal beating. I will give him credit though I slept quite well last night.

Yesterday was church day. Nepalis worship on Saturday since it is the day most of them are off work. Denton and I preached at one church. You did read that correctly. We both preached at the same church in the same service. Ben Flora preached at a church that meets at the guest house. Jacob Hargett preached at another church. Not only were we able to worship with our brothers and sisters, but we were able to fellowship with them for a good amount of time. Many of the congregations are filled with women and children. There is only a few older men in the congregation. Most of the leaders are young men. The churches remind me of Redeemer in many ways. Young churches relying on young leaders.

There was four new people that came to the church Denton and I preached at. The church is located in Lalitpur, which is a district of Kathmandu. Simson is the pastor of the church. Redeemer was able last year to provide funds so that he could have a means of transportation in his ministry and for building their new church facility. By asking questions, we discovered the new guests to the church were unbelievers. Pray that those who came to church for the first time will be saved by Christ Jesus. Pray also for my barber. I was unable to speak to him because of the language barrier. I hope Pastor Simson or Pastor Milan would opportunity to preach the gospel to him.

Matt Castro