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Bed Ridden

Pastor Simson’s daughter 

Pastor Simson’s daughter 

By Denton Ice

As I am writing, it is Sunday evening, the close of our third full day here in Nepal. Unfortunately, Nepal dealt me a very rough hand. After preaching at Brother Simson’s church Saturday morning, I began to have so stomach issues on the drive home. Things quickly went from bad to worse, and I spent the next 24 hours rotating between my bed and the bathroom. Being sick is never any fun, but being sick in Nepal makes things even less enjoyable. Thankfully God has been gracious to me and I am feeling much better now, just still tired and sore. But perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of the entire experience has been hearing from the rest of the group all the things that they experienced that I missed out on. Hearing them talk about all the joys of spending time with the children and teenagers at the youth event, the early morning walk to the coffee shop, and getting to know the pastors more. All of this made me even more upset about being sick. But as I have been praying this evening, I have been encouraged and it has made me all the more excited to got out tomorrow and make up for the time I have missed. Praying that this will be the end of all health issues for our group and praising God for all that he has in store for us still.

Matt Castro