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Church Dedication

Global Mission Nepal Lalitpur Church Dedication and Youth Program 

Global Mission Nepal Lalitpur Church Dedication and Youth Program 

I apologize for getting out of the habit of writing. Our last few days in Nepal were long days. We spent time with several pastors and churches praying and asking questions about God’s work there. We also visited several historical places in Nepal that describe the spiritual darkness there. But God is working here.

On Sunday, we took part in a church dedication that Redeemer helped to finance. A church plant like our own was able to build a place to worship through our donation. We are also praying that other churches will help Redeemer to purchase a building so that we can have a place to worship. The dedication had over two hundred people in attendance. Some of those who were present were Hindu relatives of the congregation. I was given the opportunity to preach the gospel to those who were there. I pray that God would use the church in Lalitpur to reach those who are living in darkness to find the light in Christ Jesus.

We visited with Pastor Rejendra in Bhaktopur. We were able to pray with him and his church about land they are hoping to purchase. His church continues to grow, and they need more space. We were able to go to Kathmandu University to share the gospel with students there. We had several gospel conversations with students, and met a Christian there. He was the only Christian he knew at the University. Pray for Aperatim and that maybe a bible study could start soon on the campus.

On Tuesday, we visited with Pastor Pemba Sherpa and his church. We worshipped with him and his church and learned from God’s word together. We also prayed for him and his church. They also continue to grow. Pray that God would provide for them. We learned from Pemba that God is working through healings and visions. People are learning that the Hindu gods and Buddha can do nothing for them. Only God is the one true God. He can bring healing to those in need. Pray that many others will discover the power and goodness of Christ, and turn to him in faith.

The team has now made it back to the States. I want to thank everyone who has supported and prayed for our team. God continues to affirm our work in Nepal. While the government continues to try to outlaw the proclamation of the gospel, the church continues to grow. I love my Nepali brothers and sisters. Please pray for them. They have few resources. Yet, God continues to grow his church there. I praise God for giving Redeemer the opportunity to support, pray, and minister with our Nepali brothers and sisters. We are honored and blessed. If you are reading this, please pray that God would use you to reach Nepalis with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nepal is an unreached nation that desperately needs the gospel. Join Redeemer by praying, supporting, and going to Nepal to bring the gospel to a nation filled with idols that cannot see, hear, or understand. They need the God who sees all things, hears all things, and understands all things. They need the God who took on flesh and willingly gave his life, so that we maybe reconciled to God.


Matt Castro