Redeemer Fellowship
11:15am Worship at 7501 Hogue Rd.


What to Expect When You Come

Photo by hanhanpeggy/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by hanhanpeggy/iStock / Getty Images


Find a parking space in the parking lot off Hogue Road. Look for the white flag  to locate the entryway for the service. Some nice people will welcome you at the door. They will hand you an information card. 

Take the stairs to the sanctuary. The bathroom is located upstairs.

When you arrive at Redeemer Fellowship for worship on Sunday morning, make sure you grab a cup of coffee at the cafe table. The coffee is freshly grounded coffee. Enjoy!

You will notice that some people dress casual for service, while some are a little more dressy. You wear whatever you find comfortable. 

Take a seat in one of the chairs or pews. 

You are welcome to download the digital hymnal from the home page of the website. You will notice that the hymnal has links for the lyrics of the worship songs and other important information you may want to read.

We stand and sit at different times in the worship service. If you are not comfortable or unable to stand, please feel free to remain seated. 

We practice communion every week. Read the article on communion here to know what to expect.

We would appreciate it if you would fill out the contact card that you receive at the door. Tear off the bottom and place it in the black mailbox near the back left. If you want to talk to a pastor about a spiritual decision, indicate your decision with the card on the back and place it in the black mailbox. You may also talk with one of the pastors after the service.

If you feel led to give during the offering time, you can give online at or text "give" to 812-461-1517. You may also give by check or cash by placing your gift in the black mailbox. 

We hope to meet you when you come. 

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