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Jake, Lindsay, Elias, and Titus

What can be said about the Lawson family that hasn’t already been written in the history books? Well, we’re the chillest, most anxious, most humble family this side of the Ohio River. On any given day, Jake can be found drinking an entire pot of coffee and being taught something new about pop culture by Lindsay since he basically is an old man in a young man’s body. Lindsay can be found telling Jake to drink water, avoiding the multitude of text messages on her phone because she wishes people would just call, or thrifting. Elias and Titus are probably watching Bluey and if they aren’t, Bluey is still on because it’s the best show ever and we can be Bluey adults if we want. In all seriousness, we are trying to raise our family to be Christ-centered. We are learning and establishing ways to teach ourselves and our children about why we believe what we believe and how to create habits that bring us closer to God- not just distract us for a little while. We love being around people and we love our church.

8455 Outer Lincoln Ave, Newburgh, IN 47630, USA

Jake- (478) 444-0553

Lindsay- (812) 215-6648

Wedding Anniversary:

March 2, 2019
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