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  • Matthew Castro

What Now? (Election 2016)

By Matthew Castro

I will admit to you that I was a member of the Never Trump coalition. I have over the past year voiced my strong dislike of Donald Trump as a candidate for the presidency of the United States. After Trump won the Republican nomination, I stressed over my decision.

After prayer and thought, I decided for the first time to vote for a third party candidate. As a former employee with the Republican Party and long time supporter of the party, I could not conscientiously cast a vote for Donald Trump. He was not a candidate that displayed character and conservative leadership.

While I spent the general election without a legitimate candidate to support, I anticipated the continuation of the status quo. Hillary Clinton would win the election, and little would change from the past eight years. While I believed Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate and equally deplorable politically, her victory would open the door for the Republicans to regroup under the banner of common sense conservatism.

I was excited about the future of conservatism in American under the leadership of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. I wanted to stand for constructive change not fear.

Donald Trump’s vision of an isolationist and selfish America would die.

On Tuesday night, I watched in utter shock as Donald Trump won solid Democratic states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. His bully tactics have earned him the highest office in the nation.

So I ask myself, “What now?”

Pray for Donald Trump

While I have admitted my strong opposition to Donald Trump’s aspirations for president, I am reminded by God on Wednesday morning that He is on the throne. He instructed me as a member of His Kingdom to pray “for kings and all who are in high positions,” (1 Timothy 2:2). Therefore, I commit to pray for President-elect Donald Trump regularly.

Honor Donald Trump

God has also called me to honor the governing authorities that He has appointed (Romans 13:1-2). Therefore, I must display respect with my words for the leader that God has appointed. I commit to speak with honor about President-elect Donald Trump.

Respectfully Criticize Donald Trump

I have strong disagreements with President-elect Donald Trump’s policies. I will not abandon my positions on policies that we stand in opposition to each other. I will not forsake using different platforms to stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ, and respectfully criticize President-elect Trump, when he supports or opposes measures which are contrary to the truth of God’s words.

My hope is in nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. Christians today must trust in the redemption and righteousness of Jesus Christ. His kingdom will come on earth as it already is in heaven. He will usher in justice and peace.

Lord I pray for President-elect Donald Trump. May you give him humility to lead with honor and wisdom. May you save his soul from his wickedness. May he put his trust only in you. Amen.


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