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  • Matthew Castro

Praying for Algeria

By Matthew Castro

We started last Sunday morning during worship to pray for a nation. More specifically, pray that God would send laborers into his harvest in that nation. Last week, we prayed for Algeria. Each week, we will highlight that nation with some information about the country, and specific requests for you individually and Redeemer corporately to pray for Algeria.

Population: 35.4 million. Capital: Algiers (2.8 million). Christians: 84,000. Largest Religion: Islam. Fastest Growing Religion: Atheism Largest Ethic Groups: Maghreb Arabs (69.9%), Berber (22.8%), Bedouin (6%), Other Arabs (1%). Languages: Arabic, Berber, French and English

  1. THE ALGERIAN CHURCH OVER THE PAST DECADE CONTINUES TO GROW. Most believers have come from a Kabyle Berber background through the work of missionaries in the nation. The Christian community enjoys a spirit of unity, which stands out fro the long history of conflict among ethnic groups. Pray that God would used the love of the church for another against a backdrop of conflict to bring lost people to the gospel of Christ.

  2. THE ALGERIAN CHURCH FACES PERSECUTION. Due to the church’s growth, Islamic religious and political leaders reacted strongly against the church. Believers face threats from family, friends, Muslim, extremists, and employers. Unemployment among believers from a Muslim background is as high as 90%. The church faces new restriction from the government on evangelism and gathering for worship. The government also banned the import of Bibles, which hinds discipleship. Many still need access to Scripture. Pray that the church will respond to the persecution with faith and perseverance.

  3. THE ALGERIAN CHURCHES NEEDS MORE WORKERS. Algeria needs more workers to help strengthen the local church and to bring the gospel to the unreached millions. Several agencies reach out to Algerians through radio, literature, satellite TV, portable media, and Bible correspondence courses. Pray for wider distribution. Pray that God would send more laborers into the harvest there, and bring his kingdom into that nation.

  4. LESS-REACHED GROUPS. Pray for churches in Europe to reach the 4 million Algerians living in Europe currently. There is few ministries specifically tasked to reach children and youth. Yet,.65-70% of Algerians are under the age of 30. Pray that God would raise up leaders and missionaries to bring the gospel to the youth of Algeria.


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