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  • Matthew Castro

Praying for Botswana

By Matthew Castro

Population: 2 million. Capital: Gaborone (201,000). Christians: 160,000. Largest Religion: Christianity.. Fastest Growing Religion: Christianity.

Largest Ethic Groups: Tswana (69.1%), Katanga (10.1%). Language: English, Setswana.

  1. PRAISE GOD FOR POLITICAL STABILITY, ECONOMIC GROWTH, AND LOWER CORRUPTION IN BOTSWANA. Religious freedom allows agencies to evangelize and plant churches.

  2. THE TSWANA RESPONDED TO THE GOSPEL FIRST OUT OF ALL THE BANTU PEOPLE IN AFRICA. Pray for moral and spiritual renewal among the Tswana. Today many Tswana families break apart, and people struggle with sexual sins and drunkenness.

  3. BOTSWANA HAS THE WORLD’S SECOND HIGHEST AIDS RATE. Pray that those who suffer receive the drugs they need, and that the government acts wisely. Pray that ministries and churches show Christian love to victims and orphans, and work together to prevent spread.

  4. THE CHURCH. African Indigenous Church (AIC) are the largest religious group in Botswana. Most AICs focus on God’s healing power, but some mix biblical teaching with harmful traditions. Pastors need good Bible training. Pray that each of these churches use its strength to reach others with the gospel of Jesus.

  5. MANY PEOPLES STILL NEED THE GOSPEL. The Kalanga live under the stronger Tswana Culture. The San were nomads, but now live in poverty near towns.


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