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  • Matthew Castro

Praying for Angola

By Matthew Castro

Population: 19 million. Capital: Luanda (4.8 million). Christians: 4.3 million. Largest Religion: Christian.. Fastest Growing Religion: Islam. Largest Ethic Groups: Ovimbundu (25.5%), Mbundu (22.9%), Kongo (12.9%), Luvale (8.1%). Languages: Portuguese

  1. FORTY YEARS OF ALMSOT CONSTANT WAR (1962-2002). 40 years of war destroyed roads, schools, hospitals, homes, and churches. 70-90% of the population live in poverty. Pray that God would use the church in Angola to help lead the way to reconciliation as the country works to rebuild.

  2. BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY HAS GROWN, EVEN IN THE ADMIST WAR AND POVERTY. The first president, a Marxist, vowed to eradicate Christianity in 20 years. He failed. The number of evangelicals grew 4 times larger from 1990 to 2010. However, few churches have trained pastors. False beliefs, ignorance of the Bible, witchcraft, and animistic practices pollute many lives and churches. Islam grows with its simple message and foreign financial support. Pray for Christian unity, holy living, and biblical faith.

  3. YOUNG PEOPLE AND CHILDREN. Pray for primary and secondary schools to be rebuilt, staffed, and full. This generation is the first in decades to know peace.

  4. THE FOREIGN MISSIONARY PRESENCE. Mission work must move from evangelism to discipleship and training. Pray that pastors are trained to faithful preach and lead the church according to God’s word. Also pray that the people of Angola would be trained in health care, education, vocational training, and disease prevention.


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